Winter Maintenance

Checking in on the winter maintenance for one of our favorite customers, we’ve added some fresh mulch in the front, the shrubs are uniformly trimmed, the grass is neat and a nice shade of green, and our crews have finished some significant pruning in preparation for the coming spring.

Click on any photo to get a closer look.



These stately twin crape myrtles will flush out nicely after this pruning.

Note the night lights in the pine straw/natural areas around the front lawn – that’s instant ambience when the sun goes down!

The pruning on this holly tree (below right)  is high and tight, which, again, will produce an abundant flush come spring time.

I’ve always liked the placement of the decorative rocks in plant beds around this property.

We didn’t build this stone fireplace and patio (although we could have!), and we have no particular maintenance responsibilities in connection with it. But I like it so here it is.

20200129_151830_edited 02

Good job, to Vicky and the maintenance crews!

And you, you can contact us for help with your yard and garden!


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