Pool Party!

The latest from our crews: a patio adjunct to a state of the art liquid cooling system – aka a pool and patio! It’s unarguable that floating in a patio pool is the perfect vantage point from which to view our beautiful Lake.

There is a lot of expertise and effort underlying this pristine appearance. We began with filling and grading – aka, moving a lot of dirt. For most hardscape installations – but especially pool patios – where you start dictates how you will end up, and a level, firm base is of the essence.

But also what comes after the base. This Colonial Castle Manor Grana retaining wall encircling the patio and pool might seem decorative (and it is nice looking!), but in fact it is critical reinforcement of the grading around the pool.

Let’s be clear: forming a seamless edge between wildly disparate materials like concrete and (in this case) Dublin Fossil Beige stone pavers is extremely difficult. But our guys do this regularly and make it look easy!

We installed 3 sets of stone steps:

And also a parking area in the front, composed of 1,200 square feet of Dublin Fossil Beige 3 piece pavers with an Ardennes Grey accent band.

See something you like? Have a question? Contact us!


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