Wedding Blues

Weddings are not casual affairs. So when a major hurricane roils through your wedding venue just days before the blessed event is scheduled, that’s cause for alarm. This happened to one of our customers when Hurricane Florence visited North Carolina this past week, and the solution to the crisis was to re-venue the wedding to their lake home and call Ben’s Creek Nursery for emergency landscaping work. Our crews were on the job this past Monday, and by Thursday – well, the results speak for themselves.

Our responsibilities included general weeding, mowing, edging, pruning, and mulch, but we also did some special things, like trimming 2 or 3 feet off the Wax Myrtle in front of the garage.

We had 16 Nellie R. Stevens Hollies, 9 foot tall, along the left and right side property lines that we sheared into a uniform pyramidal shape.

In addition to bringing in fresh mulch to these planting beds, we raised the canopies to a 5 foot height of two Willow Oaks, a Riverbirch, and various crape myrtles.

We created these plant beds and installed new flowering plants along with pine bark mini nugget mulch, and put in four upright plantings in front of the patio columns.


This beautiful property is wedding-ready – so somebody sound the wedding bells!

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