Spring Renewal

In our neck of the woods, spring has finally arrived and everything’s coming up roses, as the saying goes. This particular customer didn’t need roses, but they did need some new sod, some areas seeded, various plantings, drainage work, and mulch, together with an irrigation system to keep it all growing and thriving. Herewith a 360º turn around this beautiful property.

First, a bit of seed and wheat straw.


Our crews then installed a copious blend of plants and shrubs in triple shreaded hardwood mulch around the foundation , including Emerald Green Arborvitaes, Dwarf Cryptomeria, Lenten Roses, Oakleaf Hydrangea, and many others.


Navigation tip: click on any photo to get a closer look at these plantings.

Three Emerald Green Arborvitaes guarding the foundation

We’d like to show you pictures of the comprehensive irrigation system we installed, but alas, all of our work resides under the new centipede grass sod. The best we can do is this photo from back a few weeks. The little flags mark some of the sprinkler heads embedded in the sod.


But the interesting thing is to see what this new sod did after just a bit of spring warmth and a lot of watering. It quickly turned in its winter dormancy and started putting on its green.

The topography of this property demanded some grading and leveling, but also the installation of collection points and drainage pipes, to feed the runoff towards the periphery. Here again, all the guts of the system are underground, so all we can show you is this:

With this photo of the pine straw, we are back about where we started.


Thanks for reading – and call us if we can work a renewal of your property this spring!

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